]> Strategic analysis : Reputation management : Staff communications

Practical experience

We specialise in providing the following services:

  • Strategic analysis, personal consultation and ‘blue sky’ initiative thinking
  • Independence of thought, free from in-house pressures and relationships
  • Confidential sounding board, support and advice for senior board members
  • Practical help and project management as if a regular member of the team but without the in-house overhead commitment
  • Hands-on experience of customer relations, internal staff communications and investor marketing as well as community and stakeholder goodwill
  • Practical knowledge of reputation management, marketing and fund raising

We do not take any formal position or executive role in the client organisation so we have no beneficial or biased interest. Rather we seek to work as a trusted extension of the team, contributing an extra resource, experience and further skills. To do this, cap costs and ensure certainty of budget, we work on an agreed level of retainer.